We offer a wide range of service options to our (potential) customers. In addition to our refurbishment/remanufacture program for the MERCURY systems, we provide various services such as PLC upgrades for all (0106 / 0107 / 0113) MERCURY MP models ,installation, start-up, de-installation, de-commissioning and troubleshooting.

We also have a repair and refurbishment program for spare parts like flow meters, turntables, motor-drives, drain valves, valve control operators, blanket heaters, and much more. Our services also include system retrofits, rebuilds and upgrades, as well as standard and custom-made assemblies.

We offer warranty coverage for both labor and parts, large stock of spare parts available for the FSI MERCURY, ZETA and SATURN/TITAN including Kits, Assy's and standard/custom-made options. We also provide preventive maintenance/service contracts at fixed prices, CE-certification and upgrades/modification services, and the rebuilding of PVC/FRPP cabinets into FM4910 compliant material.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of our services.

Refurbishment Services and Spare Parts

Featured retrofits


Take a moment to explore our showcased retrofits, where we have achieved great success in refurbishing and remanufacturing FSI MERCURY semiconductor wet process equipment. Our efforts have greatly supported our clients' objective of achieving zero defects and improving production yield. We take pride in our ability to bring life back to these essential tools, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. By reviving and optimizing the functionality of the MERCURY equipment, we have helped our clients increase their manufacturing efficiency and overall productivity. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail have made us a trusted partner in the semiconductor industry.

Rebuild / upgrade of a 0107 MERCURY CE1

The MERCURY, a highly efficient batch spray cleaning system known for its versatility in handling different wafer sizes, was facing a challenge with obsolete control parts, specifically the 0106/0107-tools. However, with our newly developed upgrade kit, these control parts can be replaced, ensuring that the MERCURY can continue to operate for many more years. This upgrade not only resolves the issue of obsolescence but also enhances the longevity and functionality of the system, allowing it to maintain its high level of efficiency in batch spray cleaning. With the upgrade kit, users can confidently rely on the MERCURY to deliver excellent cleaning performance and adaptability for various wafer sizes, ensuring the continued success of their operations.

Rebuild of a 0106-NON-CE MERCURY

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the MERCURY system, it revitalizes and extends the life of these crucial machines. Installation is swift, causing only one week of downtime, and the result? Years of extended, high-performance operation!

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