Specialized in refurbishment of FSI MERCURY semiconductor wet process equipment

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About ASE
35+ Years in Semiconductor Industry

Since 1986, our company has been a trusted partner for customers in the semiconductor industry, providing exceptional servicing, troubleshooting, and supplying equipment and parts for their FSI batch spray processor. We began by assisting customers with the 2120 models and later expanded our expertise to serve the SATURN, NEPTUNE, TITAN, and for the past 25 years, the MERCURY systems.

Throughout our history, we have been at the forefront of helping clients achieve flawless products and increased production output. Our years of experience and dedicated team have positioned us as leaders in the industry.

We take pride in our wide range of spare parts and pre-owned MERCURY equipment, ensuring that we not only meet our customers' requirements but also maintain original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. With our reliable solutions and commitment to excellence, customers can count on us to provide the highest quality service.

As we look towards the future, we will continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of the semiconductor industry. Our focus remains on delivering value, reliability, and unwavering customer satisfaction, solidifying our position as a trusted partner for the MERCURY batch spray processor. Count on us for reliable solutions.

Since 1986

Happy Clients

ASE's contribution to our production yield and device reliability has been remarkable. Their expertise and exceptional refurbishment services have surpassed our expectations. We are extremely pleased with their professional approach and the high quality of their work.

We have been working with ASE for several years and their refurbished equipment has always been reliable and spare parts delivered on time. Highly recommended!

ASE's large stock of spare parts has been a lifesaver for us. Their quick response time and excellent customer service make them a trusted partner.


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